CareFlow News

e-Prescribing system Integrated Into CareFlow Student Health Records. This great new CareFlow feature is available to all providers capable of prescribing medications to students. Click here to read more on how this can help your school avoid medication errors and save you time!

CareFlow receives a great write-up from author Dr. Ronald Holmes. Take a minute to read All About CareFlow and our mission to put student health first.

CareFlow supports the NASN & NASSNC in their "Step Up Be Counted" campaign. Click below to check out their great new video and access important links. Read More! Profiles CareFlow and our use of Data Analytics to Make School Data Meaningful and Manageable. Read More!

CareFlow Visits Walnut St Labs in West Chester, PA. Read More!

CareFlow Donates Holiday Gifts to a Local Shelter for Women and Children. Read More!

CareFlow just returned home from a small tour of the Boston area to visit current clients, prospects, and to enjoy the area. Look for us near you next! Read More!

CareFlow joins NASN & NASSNC board to create uniform school health data set. Read More!

CareFlow volunteers at Yoga on the Steps 2014 in Philadelphia. Read More!

CareFlow completes asset acquisition of Gleeworks. GleeWorks has provided healthcare and online registration software to private schools in the United States. Read More!

CareFlow For School Administrators

There is no better solution for Simple and Secure Management of School or District Health Records. Below is a list of benefits to School Administrators and the features you will enjoy.


  • Cost Effective/Positive, Tangible Return On Investment
  • Mitigates Risk/Reduces the Odds of Liability-Related Occurrences, Both On and Off Campus
  • Reduce the Student Health Care Data Management & Entry Workload, on a School, District or State-Wide Level
  • A More Complete Student Medical Records solution
  • Ability to Generate Campus Health Trend Reports
  • Wide Variety of 100% Sharable, Formatted/Standardized Reports for Key Student Health Progress Areas such as Allergies, Immunizations, Student Visits, and Medication Compliance
  • No Limitation on Custom Form Creation As Well; CareFlow can Help You Generate either Custom Health or Even General School Forms
  • Take Back your Summer! CareFlow Handles Communication with Parents


  • Reporting Access for Enrollment Status, Health Concerns, and More
  • Health Center and Other Health-Related Attendance Data
  • General or Student-Specific Alerts for Key Areas Such as Allergies, Flu Outbreaks, etc.
  • Immunization Compliance
  • Online Health Form for Parent Satisfaction & Compliance
  • Student Health Engagement Workflows