CareFlow News

e-Prescribing system Integrated Into CareFlow Student Health Records. This great new CareFlow feature is available to all providers capable of prescribing medications to students. Click here to read more on how this can help your school avoid medication errors and save you time!

CareFlow receives a great write-up from author Dr. Ronald Holmes. Take a minute to read All About CareFlow and our mission to put student health first.

CareFlow supports the NASN & NASSNC in their "Step Up Be Counted" campaign. Click below to check out their great new video and access important links. Read More! Profiles CareFlow and our use of Data Analytics to Make School Data Meaningful and Manageable. Read More!

CareFlow Visits Walnut St Labs in West Chester, PA. Read More!

CareFlow Donates Holiday Gifts to a Local Shelter for Women and Children. Read More!

CareFlow just returned home from a small tour of the Boston area to visit current clients, prospects, and to enjoy the area. Look for us near you next! Read More!

CareFlow joins NASN & NASSNC board to create uniform school health data set. Read More!

CareFlow volunteers at Yoga on the Steps 2014 in Philadelphia. Read More!

CareFlow completes asset acquisition of Gleeworks. GleeWorks has provided healthcare and online registration software to private schools in the United States. Read More!

CareFlow For Business Officers

CareFlow helps you keep your students healthy and your budget on target.


  • Have a trusted system in place to make sure your student’s are meeting your school’s policies.
  • Know that your student's are compliant and have submitted the proper documents before they are able to attend school.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase reams of paper and printing supplies, saving money in your school's budget.
  • Keep up with your competitors and impress your parent population. CareFlow serves some of the most prestigious schools in the country.
  • Reduces the odds of liability-related occurrences on and off campus.
  • Are you confident that your school is prepared for an emergency? CareFlow gives you the ability to quickly send information to the hospital and access student emergency care information on our CareFlow SHR mobile app.
  • Make your parent population happy. CareFlow allows parents to fill out forms online, saving the data so parents only need to update certain items each year rather than completing a huge enrollment packet each year.
  • CareFlow will support your parent population throughout the enrollment period. We will take the communication off of the school to assist parents completing required back to school forms.
  • CareFlow gives you the confidence that your health data is HIPAA Secure/ FERPA secure, putting parent concerns at ease.
  • Healthy students correlate with positive student performance at school.


  • Reporting tools to quickly gather data for school audits.
  • Easily track student compliance for sports and new enrollment.
  • Send mass emails to parents reminding them when physical exams will expire to keep your students compliant.
  • Start to use the data collected at your school to your advantage. See a list of how many student’s have had a history of a concussion, who is diabetic, who has an inhaler. Track your trends.
  • CareFlow provides a variety of reporting tools that eliminate the time consuming task of creating and generating custom reports.
  • Staff members are also often treated in the health center. CareFlow gives you the ability to properly document this on your campus.
  • Ability to generate campus health trend reports without manual work.