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e-Prescribing system Integrated Into CareFlow Student Health Records. This great new CareFlow feature is available to all providers capable of prescribing medications to students. Click here to read more on how this can help your school avoid medication errors and save you time!

CareFlow receives a great write-up from author Dr. Ronald Holmes. Take a minute to read All About CareFlow and our mission to put student health first.

CareFlow supports the NASN & NASSNC in their "Step Up Be Counted" campaign. Click below to check out their great new video and access important links. Read More! Profiles CareFlow and our use of Data Analytics to Make School Data Meaningful and Manageable. Read More!

CareFlow Visits Walnut St Labs in West Chester, PA. Read More!

CareFlow Donates Holiday Gifts to a Local Shelter for Women and Children. Read More!

CareFlow just returned home from a small tour of the Boston area to visit current clients, prospects, and to enjoy the area. Look for us near you next! Read More!

CareFlow joins NASN & NASSNC board to create uniform school health data set. Read More!

CareFlow volunteers at Yoga on the Steps 2014 in Philadelphia. Read More!

CareFlow completes asset acquisition of Gleeworks. GleeWorks has provided healthcare and online registration software to private schools in the United States. Read More!

CareFlow Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareFlow EMR?

CareFlow Electronic Student Health Records enables your school to collect enrollment information online, chart visits to the health center, and have access to modules and functions for every key stakeholder in student and campus health through a secure cloud-based student health records solution. Visit CareFlow for Me for more information.

How does the information get into CareFlow?

CareFlow gets its information from several places. First off, all student and parent demographic information (i.e. contacts, address, phone numbers) are updated nightly through integration with the school’s existing databases. Secondly, parents supply an array of important health history and other required medical information through the parent portal. This is beneficial so the parents do not have to repetitively enter this information year after year. The second year is even easier for parents since their information will save from the previous year! Lastly, information is documented by the care providers, and clinicians using CareFlow on a daily basis as the students are treated.

Is CareFlow HIPAA compliant?

Our program is 100% HIPAA compliant. Each employee takes 2 HIPAA classes per year to ensure proper training. Please see our HIPAA statement here: Read our HIPAA Statement

How does student data stay up to date?

CareFlow relies on integration with the school’s existing databases to keep all demographic information up to date. Otherwise, parents and care providers are keeping the student records up to date at all times.

How will CareFlow help care for my students?

CareFlow provides an environment that ensures complete, and connected care for all your students. Every department of your campus that provides care for a student is connected through CareFlow and keeps an open line of communication across your campus allowing for the most informed, and accurate care of each student.

What does it cost?

CareFlow is generally based on two variables: enrollment and the level of software usage at your school. Contact us today for a quote.

What equipment is required for setup?

The school simply needs computers to connect to the Internet to begin using CareFlow. There are no on-site requirements for the storage of data or maintenance of the software. CareFlow is available on an iPad through internet connection or data plan. It is also beneficial to have a scanner to be able to upload documents into the student’s electronic chart.

How can CareFlow save me time?

CareFlow can drastically improve your documentation times by allowing you to access records much faster than the old ways of paper and cabinet. Records are always at your fingertips and using our point & click templates will save the time of typing or writing notes on care or treatments provided to your students. Please see the below stakeholder grid to see how CareFlow can benefit all key personnel at your school!

How much orientation or training does it require?

CareFlow recommends 2 days of on-site training for all new clients. Implementation and training are the biggest key to success and CareFlow takes this very seriously. We ensure that all new users are well trained and set up for success. After those initial two days of training, CareFlow offers on-demand webinars, along with many other “self-driven” training tools. At CareFlow, we realize this is a big change for your health center. All users have different levels of computer skills, and some users adapt faster or slower than others. Once you are fully comfortable, you will realize significant time savings.

What services do we offer?

CareFlow has a five modules that can be customized to each type of school (day, boarding, college, independent/private, etc).

How long does it take to implement CareFlow at my school?

There are three main implementation points for CareFlow:

  1. Student Information System Integration takes 2-4 weeks from the time that all necessary information and access rights are given to CareFlow.
  2. Building the system to meet your needs, including user setup and feature customization.
  3. Customizing Online Health Forms is about a 4-8 week implementation process. It can be finished in less time; however, we encourage a full testing and vetting of the customization before release to parents. This implementation can occur simultaneous to the SIS integration.

What resources are needed to implement a program like CareFlow?

CareFlow requests that you assign at least one IT Department Professional to the activities related to CareFlow. Limited work will be asked of this person, in our experience, under 10 hours of work is usually required of this person during the implementation process. Other personnel, such as a Health Center director, or nurses, will be required to work on the customization needs for the Online Health Forms. Including someone from the Communications or Registrar is also encouraged during this time to ensure all bases are covered during initial implementation.

What systems do you integrate with?

We will integrate with any system that you currently are using. We have preferred integrations with several of our partners. Please visit See our partners

How many users can you add?

CareFlow allows an unlimited number of users.

Who has access to the program?

Each school has the power to control who has access in terms of their faculty. CareFlow has different settings for different users, and those settings can always be manipulated easily by determined CareFlow System Administrators. Parents will have access only to their personal student health files. Coaches and Chaperones can also have access through our emergency care app (CareFlow SHR) on a smart phone for field trips or sporting events. The visibility can be controlled by user, or by user role (example: nurse vs athletic trainer can see different pages). The online health forms can be designed to show certain pages to the parents of different students (example: only show this page to New 7th grade students).

What happens to paper documents that parents send to CareFlow to scan into CareFlow?

After CareFlow scans and uploads the signed doctors forms into the student’s online health form records, there are a couple of options. We can either shred the paper documents, or we can mail them back to your school at the request of the client.

What happens to the electronic records after the students graduate?

We keep the student’s online records within CareFlow for 10 years. After 10 years, the student information can be either destroyed, or exported via CSV files to return to the school for their record keeping.

The students will also have access to their personal health information that had been documented over the years within CareFlow (demographics, contacts, vitals, health records uploaded to electronic chart, allergies, etc). Students will have the option to download CareFlow’s PHR (personal health record) phone app to access their personal health information upon graduation. View our PHR info

Can I access the program from anywhere?

Yes. CareFlow is a web based system that can be accessed from anywhere you have internet connection or a data plan. Connect to CareFlow on a computer, laptop, iPad, smart phone, etc.

Who will be able to see charting information

CareFlow is completely customizable in the sense that every user signed up with CareFlow can have access. Parents will never see charting information. No users will be able to see counselor notes. The athletic trainers can be customized to either see nurses notes, or not. This is all in your control.

Where are we located?

CareFlow is located in the town of West Chester, Pennsylvania. Click here for our address.

Where is the solution hosted?

CareFlow is a .Net solution with a SQL Server backend. The CareFlow solution is hosted by the world’s largest cloud-based solution. Our vendor has received global security certifications and compliance verifications for Service Organization Controls SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3, in addition to complying with the ISO 27001 standard. CareFlow is committed to delivering a secure, open cloud experience for customers.

SOC 2 Report – the report pertains to security, availability, privacy, confidentiality and integrity processes. These reports benefit customers by helping them better understand internal controls related to these areas.

SOC 3 Report – These reports are designed to meet the needs of users who want assurance on the controls at a service organization related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy but do not have the credentials or access to view the SOC 2 Report.

ISO 27001 certification – CareFlow's chosen partner has received this certification in all U.S., U.K. and Hong Kong data centers. Through these internationally recognized, provable security standards, we can demonstrate how it mitigates information security related risks for customers.

The ISO 27001 certification covers a broad range of security controls within our partner's data centers, from the physical environment in which customer solutions are hosted, accessed and monitored, to the logical system-based controls employed to manage access. With this certification, we have shown a systematic approach to managing critical, confidential, and sensitive corporate information to meet modern standards for information security and to instill confidence in customers.