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e-Prescribing system Integrated Into CareFlow Student Health Records. This great new CareFlow feature is available to all providers capable of prescribing medications to students. Click here to read more on how this can help your school avoid medication errors and save you time!

CareFlow receives a great write-up from author Dr. Ronald Holmes. Take a minute to read All About CareFlow and our mission to put student health first.

CareFlow supports the NASN & NASSNC in their "Step Up Be Counted" campaign. Click below to check out their great new video and access important links. Read More! Profiles CareFlow and our use of Data Analytics to Make School Data Meaningful and Manageable. Read More!

CareFlow Visits Walnut St Labs in West Chester, PA. Read More!

CareFlow Donates Holiday Gifts to a Local Shelter for Women and Children. Read More!

CareFlow just returned home from a small tour of the Boston area to visit current clients, prospects, and to enjoy the area. Look for us near you next! Read More!

CareFlow joins NASN & NASSNC board to create uniform school health data set. Read More!

CareFlow volunteers at Yoga on the Steps 2014 in Philadelphia. Read More!

CareFlow completes asset acquisition of Gleeworks. GleeWorks has provided healthcare and online registration software to private schools in the United States. Read More!

Health Center Module

Save your clinicians time and risk by charting health center visits in CareFlow. We are 100% HIPAA and FERPA secure, CareFlow is an easy-to-use application for keeping notes, logging vitals, and communicating with those responsible for a student's care.


Electronic Charting For Student Visits

Includes ability for students to check themselves into the health center. Chart your visits with narrative, S.O.A.P. notes, or choose from our long list of visit templates. Document and track vitals, and populate the data into your visit note.

24/7 Access to Student Information

Access the same student demographic information and parent contact information that is in your current student information system. This information stays up-to-date based on what is in your current system so you never have to worry about having outdated information. Access all information on a mobile device with our SHR app, available for iOS and Andriod.

Medication Administration and Tracking

Eliminate risk, medication quantity counts, and improve medication compliance with CareFlow's M.A.R. Quickly log the administration of a medication, note if it was witnessed or packaged, and see remaining counts. Our daily medication screen will give you quick view of the medication administration activity that day.

Alerts and Messaging

Use CareFlow to receive alerts when a student has an immunization or physical exam coming due, automatically send reminders to parents about a health form deadline, and securely email or text with parents and students.

Ability to quickly email parent/guardian

Communicate with parents and guardians directly from the student’s chart with the to have the email sent saved into to the student’s file!

Run reports and create lists with student data

See lists of students that have outdated physical exams, students with allergies and EpiPens, or students with diabetes, etc. You are able to quickly run lists on any data that is recorded in the system! We also have forms that can be populated.

CareFlow Modules

"Making the changeover to Careflow...has been seemingly effortless! Our staff has been pleasantly surprised as to the ease of the program, the speed of CareFlow's Tech Support whenever needed, and the thorough training we received throughout the process!"

Carol A. Forbes, RN

Head School Nurse

The Church Farm School