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e-Prescribing system Integrated Into CareFlow Student Health Records. This great new CareFlow feature is available to all providers capable of prescribing medications to students. Click here to read more on how this can help your school avoid medication errors and save you time!

CareFlow receives a great write-up from author Dr. Ronald Holmes. Take a minute to read All About CareFlow and our mission to put student health first.

CareFlow supports the NASN & NASSNC in their "Step Up Be Counted" campaign. Click below to check out their great new video and access important links. Read More! Profiles CareFlow and our use of Data Analytics to Make School Data Meaningful and Manageable. Read More!

CareFlow Visits Walnut St Labs in West Chester, PA. Read More!

CareFlow Donates Holiday Gifts to a Local Shelter for Women and Children. Read More!

CareFlow just returned home from a small tour of the Boston area to visit current clients, prospects, and to enjoy the area. Look for us near you next! Read More!

CareFlow joins NASN & NASSNC board to create uniform school health data set. Read More!

CareFlow volunteers at Yoga on the Steps 2014 in Philadelphia. Read More!

CareFlow completes asset acquisition of Gleeworks. GleeWorks has provided healthcare and online registration software to private schools in the United States. Read More!

Online Enrollment Module

Why force parents to repeat the same enrollment process each year? Use CareFlow and parents will enter vital health information the first year, simply review and update in subsequent years, and sign any permission forms online. You also have the option to select CareFlow's Scanning Service to process any required paper forms.


Consulting On Current Enrollment Forms

Using our experience and given what works well for schools with similar structure, we will work with your team to streamline your current enrollment forms. This will prevent parents from filling out the same information more than once and provide easy to read records.

Complete Build and Design

Paper forms become well formatted digital forms that provide instant access to student information. These forms also streamline the parent health form completion process.

Customized Reminder Emails

In order to maintain compliance and keep a student's information up-to-date, CareFlow will send custom email reminders to parents about completing and updating health forms. We will set this schedule according to your needs.

Health Form Tracking Tools

Use CareFlow Analytics and other tools to track the enrollment process. You will have real-time access to a wide range of statistics that can show the level of completion and compliance for your school.

Required Information Reporting

See in real-time what required information and/or required forms you need to acquire for a students chart (e.g. Physical Exam Form).

Scanning Service

Instruct parents to mail or email their signed physician forms to our headquarters. CareFlow will scan and upload these forms directly into the student’s chart for the school to have at their disposal. The moment the form is uploaded you will have it on your screen.

CareFlow Modules

"Our school has worked with Careflow for over a year now, the Customer Service continues to be highly accessible and efficient. They listen carefully to our needs and work with us to evolve the application based on our requirements. Thanks!"

Tracey Costantino RN, MS, FNP

Director of Health Center

Brooks School